Browns and Seahawks -Review

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Pre-Game Narrative

The Seahawks rolled into Cleveland on the back of a 4-1 start to the season. Their only loss coming at the hands of the New Orleans Saints. Victories over the Bengals, Steelers, and Rams were all very close affairs, while the Cardinals afforded them a little more breathing room. Russell Wilson has been the star of the show, producing top of the league efficiency numbers and yet to be intercepted this year. RB Chris Carson, TE Will Dissley and Lockett and DK Metcalf at WR proving to be good Weapons for Wilson on this current good run of form. A banged-up O line was their only major area of concern coming into the game. Meanwhile, the Browns enter the game licking their wounds from a 31-3 shellacking dished out by the 49ers week 5. This truly being a rollercoaster ride of a season for Brown’s fans, one would wonder which Browns team would turn up for this matchup. Greedy Williams, Denzel Ward, and Rashard Higgins remained sidelined for this week’s action, leaving the Browns secondary in the hands of TJ Carrie and Terrence Mitchel once again. Could the Browns get one over this finely tuned Seahawks team?

Story of the Game

The Browns looked initially to be in control of this game, racing out to a 20-6 lead just at the beginning of the second quarter. Rushing TDs from Chubb and Mayfield and 31-yard pass to Ricky Seals-Jones completing the scoring for the Browns in this stretch with Wilson rushing in for the Seahawks lone score at this point. This, unfortunately, was as good as it was getting for the Browns on the day, the Seahawks began to punish turnovers by the Browns, two field goals and a Jaron Brown TD were pivotal in bringing the Seahawks right back into the game. That TD was a real sucker punch for the Browns as they had the ball in the redzone, only for Baker to force a pass into Landry and have it picked. With less than two minutes on the clock, Wilson marched the Seahawks up the pitch, eventually to find Jaron Brown for the 17-yard pass. This 14 point swing at the end of the half would prove to be a real turning point.

The Seahawks took a third-quarter lead through Jaron Brown, another snappy play by Wilson to complete the 6 yard TD. The Browns struggled, possibly slowed down by a hip injury to Baker Mayfield. Following a serious of goal line debacles, the Browns managed to pin the Seahawks back sufficiently that it hampered the punting unit, with Dixon shanking one to the right, leaving the Browns in great field position. Chubb finishing off the drive and Mayfield finding Harris for the 2 point conversion. Putting the Browns ahead 28-25, was never going to be a comfortable lead and sure enough, Chris Carson saw to that with another short rushing TD. The Browns had their chance to retrieve the game but another interception; this time off the hands of Hilliard killed the game.

How the game was lost

Very simply put, turnovers killed the Browns. The Seahawks fumbled 3 times, yet the Browns recorded no gains from their misfortune. On the other hand, the Seahawks returned the Browns 3 turnovers and blocked field goal for 17 points. This, in essence, was the key to the game. The Seahawks didn’t get to Baker Mayfield all game and 2 of the 3 interceptions thrown by him actually hit receivers on the hands. So this really is not all on Baker. Another thing to consider is the pre half time decision making. Just like last week against the 49ers, where Callaway coughed up the ball on the goal line, the red zone inception

Just before the half was a gut punch and real turning point in the game. Definitely something to address on the bye week.

Three Big Takeaways form the Game

  1. Someone needs to figure out how to manage the clock better, 14 point swings in two games running just before half time.
  2. We were in this game the whole way, actually controlled it for much of the first half.
  3. Good signs of life from the offense, Baker, and Odell are not there yet, but signs of improvement.

Awards of the Day

  • Stud of the day – Russell Wilson
  • Workman like performance of the day – Nick Chubb
  • Sneaky good player of day – Jaron Brown
  • Surprise stat sheet winner of the day – Jermaine Whitehead
  • Unit that stepped up their game today – Seahawks Secondary

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