Browns Vs. Dolphins Review

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Pre-Game Narrative

The Browns appear to have turned a corner and hit upon a few wins before entering the fray against the Miami Dolphins. Only off the field issues arising from the “incident with Pittsburgh” was the only real negative feature the Browns have had to deal with. This was seen as a must win for the Browns if the slim playoff hopes were to be maintained. The Dolphins, on the other hand have fallen into a few wins without really appearing to be interested in winning this season at all. Looking hapless at the beginning of the seasons the Dolphins seemed to found a way to win and not to be so competitive in the tankathon battle with Washington, the Jets and Cincinnati. Surely The Browns would have too much for the dolphins to cope with and an easy victory would ensue?

Story of the Game

The story of the game unfolded with a masterful display by Baker Mayfield and the offense as a whole in the first half, racing out to a 28-0 lead. The Dolphins offense was virtually nonexistent, looking very toothless and gaining little or no traction with their running game. Not so for the Browns, Baker took control, keeping a high tempo, running the ball effectively and taking the shots to the end zone where necessary. Jarvis led the way for the receivers grabbing two first-half TDs and OBJ finally getting over the line after his longest stretch without a score since he came into the league. And with Chubb pounding the run, Kareem Hunt was freed up to take on his first TD of his Browns career. The Dolphins only score of the half coming from a field goal at the end of a sustained drive, right before the halftime whistle, leaving the score at 28-3.

The second half opened with 17 unanswered points from the Dolphins, and many a Browns fans began to get the “sinking feeling” in the pit of their stomach. Was this the day we were going to get “Fitzmagiced”? Thankfully not, however this was another performance, symptomatic of what has been wrong with the Browns all year. We seem to always be a few bad calls, a bad play, or bad decision away from either winning or losing games. Going forward it would be great to see games get closed out in a more effective manner. That being said, the offense did rally, field goals from Siebert and a Nick Chubb TD were enough to render the Allun Hearns garbage time TD meaningless

How The Game Was Won

This game was won by the offense. Clearly, the Dolphins secondary was no match for what the Browns brought to the table. Solid play calling, solid run game combined with Baker finding his guys consistently meant the Dolphins hadn’t really got a hope in this game, their offense is a bad as you will see in the league at the minute. The defense played well, Schobert turned up with two more interceptions and he Dline managed well without Myles, Larry and Vernon, however, we must not lose sight of who the opposition was here.

My Three Big Takeaways form the Game

1. I was excited to see Greedy, Taki Taki and Mack Wilson all on the pitch at the same time, bodes well for the core of this year’s draft class

2. The Dolphins are bad, but really needed a decent win to get the juices flowing for next week’s game with the Steelers

3. I think Baker is fixed! Could we see this level till the end of the season, I hope so.

Awards of the Day

Studs of the day: QB Baker Mayfield & WR Jarvis Landry

Workmanlike performance of the day: CB TJ Carrie

Sneaky Good player of day: DE Chad Thomas

Stat sheet hero of the day: DE Chad Thomas

Player that stepped up their game today: DE Bryan Cox

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