Browns Unveil New Uniforms

Bark About It!

Photo via: Cleveland Browns

The day finally came and like a bunch of kids on Christmas, we were all up late last night anticipating the arrival of Cleveland Santa at Noon today:

For the second time in the past decade, the Cleveland Browns have unveiled new uniforms for their storied franchise. By taking a different approach in 2020, and trying to make this jersey reveal seem almost not a big deal, the team did a wonderful job of keeping this close to the chest while providing some good teasers as the reveal day approached. The major difference between this jersey release and the unveiling in 2015…the team nailed the uniforms.

While many were opposed at first to go back to the more traditional Browns look, it’s what works. The team is truly limited by what combinations they can use when you are going back to the “traditional” Browns look. With the last jersey reveal they allowed Nike to control the look and wanted to try and mix those traditions with a new-age look. We all know the result…terrible.

The Tradition is BACK

We are back to looking like the Cleveland Browns. What does Browns’ tradition look like when it comes to uniforms?

Stripes on the sleeves and an orange helmet with a brown and white stripe down the middle. It’s that simple. When the word got out about the traditional look, there was really only one place we could go, and without making changes to our logo (the helmet) the brown facemask remains. They gave us three uniform combinations to look at:

I would have liked to have seen the Browns throw in the white facemask for a throwback look, but with rules changing in 2021 which will allow teams to change helmet/facemask color, we could see both the grey and white facemasks make an appearance for throwback options in the future. It would help us all make sense of the comments from JW Johnson about the uniform “in the closet”, and Odell Beckham Jr.’s comments about the “All ORANGE”, uniform. Not to mention the picture that leaked of his girlfriend wearing the grey facemask in a picture on Instagram. If you aren’t a fan of the Brown facemask, at least you won’t have to go out and by all new Browns gear because all your gear has the “old helmet” on it.

In conclusion, I couldn’t be more ecstatic about these uniforms and look forward to seeing the Browns run out in these for Sundays to come!!

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