Draft Recap: Cleveland’s Most Important Pick And Biggest Steal

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We’ve waited months and months for the 2020 NFL Draft and it did not disappoint. It appears, on paper, that Andrew Berry and company absolutely nailed every round. While every pick was a combination of need and talent unable to pass up, there are two picks in particular that stand out. Let’s take a look at the most important pick from the draft and our biggest steal.

Most important pick: Jedrick Wills Jr (OT) – Alabama

It was no secret that Offensive Tackle was Cleveland’s biggest need going into the draft. There were all kinds of rumors and speculation that they either wanted to move back, trade for Trent Williams or even take Isaiah Simmons if he fell to 10. After Simmons left the board at pick 8, fans became anxious to see what the Browns would do. After only being on the clock for a few short minutes, “The pick is in” popped up on the screen and shortly after, Roger Goodell announced they had taken Jedrick Wills Jr.

This is the most important pick of the draft for several reasons, the first one being the obvious solidification of the Offensive Line. Going into 2020, Baker Mayfield is going to be protected better than ever before at the pro level. This is only going to help his confidence and on-field production. All of that aside, the main reason this is so important is that Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski got the guy they wanted all along, and they didn’t overthink it. The Browns of the past would have traded for an injury-prone Trent Williams, or taken a player they didn’t need to and then gotten a tackle in the 2nd round. This pick says a lot about the new staff and how it seems there’s a solid chance that the Cleveland Browns are in good hands.

Biggest steal: Donovan Peoples-Jones (WR) – Michigan

With a draft filled with substantial talent like this one, it wasn’t difficult for players to fall into the later rounds. When the Browns got to the 6th round, it was a pleasant surprise to see Donovan Peoples-Jones name pop up on the screen. A lot of people believe his best years of football are still ahead of him considering he played with inconsistent and below average QBs at Michigan. If he had played at a different school, one could assume he would have been a 1st round pick. Urban Meyer said that he should have been a top 10 pick:

That says a lot coming from a guy who is elite at identifying talent. He is a superior athlete that ran a 4.41 40-yard dash and recorded a 44-inch vertical at the NFL Combine. At 6’2″ 207 pounds, the Browns finally get a bigger-bodied receiver that can be a nice contrast to OBJ and Jarvis Landry. There’s a good chance that he will learn a lot from them and prosper as a fantastic NFL receiver.

It all remains to be seen, but it appears Andrew Berry did great with his first NFL Draft. With the right coaching, these players have the potential to be NFL Pros and most importantly, help the Browns win. Us fans have been patient for years and years, but this might be the moment we look back on and say “This is where it all changed for the better.” Go Browns!

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