Draft Scenarios: Trading Back From Pick 10

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The 2020 NFL Draft is drawing closer and closer. The Browns sit at pick 10 in a great spot, but some people believe they may want to trade back in order to gain more draft picks and fill holes on their roster. Let’s take a look at where they might trade back to and who they could draft.

During and after the Combine, there were reports that the Browns really liked OT Ezra Cleveland from Boise State. Cleveland (perfect last name by the way), is 6’6″ 311 pounds and is very smooth with a low center of gravity. He needs a lot of work, but scouts think he can be a starter at the next level. He has been mocked anywhere from pick 21 to the Browns 2nd round pick at 41. They could trade back from pick 10 to 25 (Vikings), or drop and secure an additional 2nd round and mid-round pick from them, and get Ezra there. And if they don’t like Ezra as much as we think, then Austin Jackson or Josh Jones should also be available.

This trade would be a great way to acquire capital and still fill the Offensive Tackle need. Plus the Vikings are possibly looking to get another Wide Receiver after the Stefon Diggs trade, and there would be a great one on the board at 10. With an additional 2nd round pick, they could get a Safety and a Linebacker much higher than the 3rd or 4th round like they would with their current picks. Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan is very capable of coaching up any lineman they draft.

Another option would be moving back from 10 only a few spots to let a team desperate enough to get a certain player before someone else. There are some mocks out there that have Jedrick Willis and Andrew Thomas going 13th and 14th overall, so the Browns could move back to get an additional 2nd round pick and still get the guy they want. This move would be a smart one and is definitely very possible. It’ll all depend on how the first 9 picks go and how many QBs get drafted.

Whether the Browns stay at 10 or not, they should definitely be able to get one of the many fantastic Offensive Lineman prospects in this class. Even with all the Free Agency signings, there are still a lot of holes to fill (especially because so many players are on one-year contracts), so it is easy to believe that Andrew Berry wants to acquire more capital. We will know soon enough.

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