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I recently asked for suggestions for article topics via Twitter. Thanks to Kevin Gillman (@kevingillman) for this one. In this time of isolation, it’s only fitting to tackle topics that make us think about ourselves, our interests and our goals. Sports have become a big part of my life, but it isn’t all that matters to me. Other things hold a higher place of importance. We need to keep our priorities straight.

A Diversion

For most sports fans, sports are a diversion from the rigors and monotony of everyday life. It breaks up the week for me. Big games give me something to look forward to when life doesn’t offer anything especially exciting on the horizon. Most of the time, the crutch of sports isn’t needed to make our lives livable. A positive outlook can overcome a lot.

Watching an artist create

Watching sports is a unique chance to watch an artist at work. We rarely have the opportunity to watch a painter create a masterpiece or see the process a composer works through to complete a magnificent symphony. However, sports give us a front-row seat to see artists create in a form that we are all familiar with. A brilliant catch, an unbelievable throw and a player running their team right back into a game are all events that can take our breath away momentarily. These artistic moments are one factor that draws me to sports.

A chance to create my own art

More recently, sports have allowed me to express myself in other ways. I don’t consider myself an artist, but writing and talking sports on my podcast do allow me to be creative and to tell stories from my point of view. The chance to add my stamp to the sports landscape of the area makes sports more meaningful to me.

Numbers rule

If you’re a numbers person like me, there is a natural fit with sports and the associated statistics. The great thing is that you learn math by watching sports, even if you don’t want to. I do enjoy sneaky math instruction. I also enjoy diving into stats, grades, comparisons between players and calculating paths to league records.

Tradition and memories

Sports link generation to generation, take us back to our childhood and give us emotional experiences that live in us forever. I remember where I was during certain sports moments and I remember who I was with. My great-grandfather was an Indians fan. That’s special to me. I watched a lot of sports with my dad and brother. It’s provided so many great memories.

A chance to be a part of a community

Being a sports fan means I’m part of a community of fans. For example, the brotherhood of Browns fans is unlike anything else I’ve ever known. Having something in common with so many great people is incredible. Living and dying with them each time the Browns play is like being part of an understanding family that has always has your back. It’s like having a second family, but much bigger.

A chance to win

We all have a need to win in life every now and then. Sure, some people have a great life and thirst for nothing. That’s not the case for most people. We all try our best to get ahead and sometimes the rug just keeps getting pulled out from under our feet. Sports gives us a chance to be winners. Our teams have a chance to win championships, yet we don’t even need that to gain a positive feeling. Winning one game can give fans a boost. I know it does the trick for me.

Sports mean a lot of different things to me. History, memories, artistry, and community are only a portion of the equation. What do sports mean to you? I’d like to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “What Sports Mean to Me

  1. Great article. I love the live, unpredictable, elements of sport, underdogs and overcoming adversity. There’s beauty and creativity in the moment that’s hard to find anywhere else

  2. Love it. And I’ll throw a different spin…sports was how my family bonded. Sure, we’d have say a birthday party or first communion or cookout, and the constant would be a Browns game, Indians game, or Cavs game on the TV, radio or whatever. We’d grab grub, fight for a place on the sofa, chair, floor…then eat and watch and cheer…or groan! It was the fabric that wove our family together. Like the feeling of a big blanket. Still is…just less family members around…sadly.

  3. For me Sports was a huge part of my father’s life. He played baseball at Bowling Green way back in the day. As a very young child I remember watching the Cleveland Indians and then in Fall it would be our beloved Browns. My first memories were how excited my dad was at 1964 the Championship game with Frank Ryan/QB. I learned about being underdogs and staying tough and to never turn my back on “our” team, no matter what. Some other of my favorite QBs were Brian Sipe & Bernie Kozar I went through many changes with the organization and the league, ups and downs. I loved freezing in the Dawg Pound and cheering my lungs out! My dad passed in 1990 but my love for sports has never waviered. I still cheer for my Cleveland teams and get super excited about what is next to come. Sports = Family there is nothing like it!! Go Brownies!

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