Possible Scenarios for David Njoku

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Former 1st round pick David Njoku shocked everyone last week when the news broke that he wanted to be traded before the start of training camp. Even though Cleveland signed Austin Hooper and drafted Harrison Bryant, Njoku still appeared to have a solid role in Kevin Stefanski’s offense. Even after Bryant was drafted, “Chief” took to Twitter saying that he loves competition. We’re not sure what changed his mind in the past week, but clearly he thinks his skill-set would be better used elsewhere. Maybe it has something to do with him recently switching agents to Drew Rosenhaus. Let’s take a look at what could happen with the young Tight End.

He could be traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars

This team is the only one that makes sense for both teams. Even though the Jags signed veteran Tyler Eifert in the off-season, they could still use a better option in that department. The Browns have been rumored to be interested in trading for Jags Defensive Lineman Yannick Ngakoue, so the offer is potentially already on the table. Andrew Berry and company will have to give up more than just David Njokue for Ngakoue, though. Whether or not Berry wants to part with a 2nd or 3rd round pick will determine if this trade happens or not. Ngakoue has 37.5 sacks in 4 years, so this trade would make Cleveland’s defensive line arguably the best in the NFL.

He could be dealt to the New England Patriots

New England’s top Tight End on their depth chart is Matt LaCosse. Ever heard of him? Yeah, me neither. With the recent signing of QB Cam Newton, it makes sense for Bill Belichick and the front office to surround him with weapons. The downside of this potential trade for the Browns is that they likely wouldn’t get a player in return. Njoku isn’t going to command high draft picks in a trade, so this will come to down to what exactly Andrew Berry can get for him.

He could remain on the Browns for the 2020 season

One thing that fans are forgetting is that the Browns don’t have to trade Njoku. They made it clear he was a part of the long term plans, so having him on the roster in 2020 is still very likely. Njoku couldn’t have picked a worse time to ask for a trade as well. He had a terrible 2019 season and that hurt his stock, plus with COVID-19, getting traded and passing a physical and moving states aren’t easy things right now. Andrew Berry could look at options and then decide that he ‘doesn’t wanna trade him’. This will make a lot of fans unhappy knowing that David doesn’t want to be in Cleveland, but that’s just business.

With Njoku wanting to be gone before training camp, we could see him on the move very soon. It is a shame to see him want out of Cleveland, especially since the new offense being implemented would benefit him greatly. Now we all just have to wait and see what happens.

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