MVP From The Thursday Night Victory Over Cincinnati

Bark About It!

VICTORY “MONDAY”. There were so many question marks going into this game after the Browns got beat down by Baltimore last Sunday. Would Baker bounce back and look like he did in 2018? Would Chubb and Hunt be more involved? Would Myles Garrett make a game changing play? The pressure was on and the Browns delivered in so many areas and got the win.

Baker Mayfield looked great the entire game. He made all the throws and got OBJ involved early. Even though he was great, the MVP(s) of the game have to go to Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. They combined for 210 rushing yards at 6.5 yards a carry with 3 touchdowns. That is absolutely amazing and it is clear that this offense needs to be run heavy all season. Having two top 5 running backs in the same backfield is unheard of, and they made every coach and GM jealous on Thursday night as they ran the ball down Cincinnati’s throat.

Kevin Stefanski found a good way to utilize both of them all game. If he does it like this all season, it will keep them fresh and effective consistently. The funny thing about Chubb and Hunt is that they have different running styles. Chubb is a pound-the-rock type back, nothing fancy. Hunt runs faster with a purpose and can make people look foolish with his moves. This makes it even harder for defenses to prepare for them.

The key to all of this is consistency. It was a big win, but let’s see it again next week and the next week. Stack the wins and continue to grow as a team. No bark, ALL BITE. Go Browns!

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