Browns @ Ravens: Player to Watch

Bark About It!

Football is officially back! The first game of the season for Cleveland will be the ultimate test, but it definitely is one that they are capable of passing with flying colors. Pretty much everyone in the media has written the Browns off, but maybe that’s exactly what this team needs. There is one player that is the key to Cleveland flying back to Ohio with a statement win, and his name is Nick Chubb.

The last time Cleveland played Baltimore at home, they convincingly won 40-25 and Nick Chubb absolutely dominated with 165 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns. With a vastly improved offensive line, there is a chance that Chubb has a great day on the ground. It’ll also help having Kareem Hunt in the backfield with him. Chubb will likely split time with Hunt 65/35, and this will help keep him fresh all game. As much as we want to see Baker Mayfield throwing the ball all over the field, the key to winning is the rushing game.

The Ravens are a great team from top to bottom, but they aren’t unbeatable. It will be vital for the Browns to get an early lead, run the ball, and force Lamar Jackson to throw more than he wants to. Chubb has the talent to control the game and in this Wide Zone scheme being ran by Kevin Stefanski, he will be put in fantastic position to do just that.

No bark, all bite. Let’s go Browns!

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